Metal Roof Installation

Let us install your new metal roof. Here are the main reasons to do business with us:

Choice of materials:

Our premium materials are made in Canada. Our direct link with the manufacturer allows us to source the material at wholesale costs, so you get the best price.

Optimal Ventilation Technique:

Sheet metal roofs are aerated by installing maximums to provide ventilation. With our roofs, we replace this by installing ventilation channels through the upper seams for optimal ventilation.

Installation of a metal roof:

In general, if there is no water damage encountered, we cover the existing roof with the metal roof. This has several advantages. First, it provides an additional layer of insulation. Also, by keeping the asphalt shingles in place, we avoid having this material end up in landfills. Since these shingles are not biodegradable, our approach becomes ecological. Furthermore, the task of removing these shingles is not only laborious, but often leaves a lot of debris. This helps us keep your property cleaner throughout the job.

Waterproof membrane

This membrane is the first layer installed. It ensures permeability while allowing the surface to breathe.

Roofing Forense

The superficial framework, formed by vertical and horizontal slats, reinforces the whole structure and makes the base much stronger, in order to prepare the installation of the metal boards.

Metal Roof

Unlike individually applied asphalt shingles, metal boards are 4′ by 20′ in height. This size allows each board to cover a larger area.

Ridge caps

All seams are covered with ridge caps. These caps replace the fixed vents and allow uniform ventilation throughout the roof.

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